Beginners Guide For Might & Magic Heroes Era of Chaos Gameplay – Tips & Tricks For iOS & Android

Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos is a brand name new entry inside the long-running Characters of Might as well as Magic franchise. It may be supposed to end up being a somewhat reprise of Heroes regarding Might as well as Wonder III nonetheless it does not really resemble of which classic quite definitely. An individual can learn even more about how precisely we sense about the brand new method game by examining out our overview.

However, if an individual have decided of which this is typically the game for an individual – whether an individual love gacha RPGs or Might as well as Magic Heroes ~ then you’ve go to the right spot. However we sense about the sport we possess played a lot to be able to bring you these kinds of following tips in addition to tricks that helps you to acquire to grips by it.

Might as well as Wonder Heroes: Era regarding Chaos – Just how it Works:

When you’ve played a new gacha RPG just before, you’ll know accurately what to assume from Might as well as Magic Heroes: Time of Chaos. It may be a pretty common example of typically the genre despite Ubisoft’s claims it’s relatively a remake regarding Heroes of May possibly as well as Magic 3.

Here’s how functions: you’ll battle the right path across a individual player campaign honestly, that is consisting of a sequence of levels around numerous different strategies. As is standard of the style, you’ll work your path across a street filled with different amounts with three celebrities for every up with regard to grabs.

How can you obtain three stars? A person perform well within battle and total challenges. Generally these types of involve keeping your own units alive, finishing the battles inside a time limit, plus stuff like that will.

Before you mind into battle you’ll pick a development to place your own units in. Instead than throw the team of heroes into turn-based fights as is common from the genre, a person instead send models – which are usually made up associated with a lot of soldiers associated with the same course, like archer plus monk – right into a specific formation.

The concept is you glimpse at your enemy’s formation and goal to exploit this. You’ll place your own archers on the particular backline, your melee soldiers on the particular front, and healers and spellcasters within the middle. You’ll also provide professional models which will charge back enemies and the particular like, and these types of can win an individual the game when you really know what youre doing.

Once you have selected your creation you’ll head about out into struggle. Your units may charge the opponent, and they’ll fight it out it out right up until one team is usually routed. The simply thing that can be done in order to sway the fight in your prefer is to forged spells, which you’ll unlock the additional you receive into the particular game. These can offer AoE harm to your own enemy, boost the assault of your models, and more.

In case you win, you’ll get some sources, gold, and encounter and be tossed back to the primary menus to accomplish all more than again. Before a person do that although, we advise that a person upgrade your models. You can perform this in 2 different ways: boost their levels making use of experience potions (their levels can’t exceed yours) and provide them with products.

Once all regarding their gear slot machine games are filled, you may increase their products level, allowing an individual to find far better gear to supply them with. To be able to get this, you will need to mill out previous ranges to earn products and gold, that you simply spend on updating your gear stage.

Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Tips in addition to Tricks:

Now of which you comprehend the essentials, here’s a couple of ideas and tricks to be able to help you grasp the experience:

Conform your formation regarding the battle in advance: Each battle is usually different, with a new selection of units located in several formations. You will desire to adapt your own approach for every single degree, so that your units will certainly attack those they are strong against.

Degree up your characters: Each time a person gain levels, we suggest levelling up your own heroes. They can not surpass your degree though, so it is worth bearing that will in mind.

Work for new equipment: You are able to repeat earlier levels to acquire new gear with regard to your characters, plus increase their equipment level. We suggest doing this in case you ever battle, as it will certainly drastically improve your own statistics.

Use means in battle in order to sway the wave: You’ll unlock brand new spells while you improvement that you may cast in fight to assist sway the particular tide. You’ll require to charge your own mana before casting them but it’s well worth doing so at every opportunity.

Collect gold and other resources as you explore the world: As you explore the world, you’ll come across gold mines and the like that will allow you to collect valuable resources for levelling up.


  1. Thanks for the First Impressions. I had pre-registered but now that I’ve seen the game, it’s ok but I don’t see myself getting into this. There’s nothing that looks like it can sustain my interest based on gameplay. But your video was top notch.😁

  2. Just one good MMO RTS or MMO RPG game that has no pay to win elements on mobile.. that’s all I want. I would pay a subscription.. Why is everything on mobile trash!?

  3. Heroes of might and Magic used to be freaking awesome. I think we all just want homm3 on our phone.
    Do like the emphasis on strategy here though.

  4. wait a minute, is this game made from the original Might magic of heroes by Ubisoft ??? my father played that game non-stop when I was 5

  5. Every time a Triple A game company release a game for mobile feels like a crash grab…
    And so far is true most of the time lol

  6. loved this game….see the gameplay and love it
    thanks for sharing this beautiful tips…really help it

  7. Heroes of might and Magic used to be freaking awesome. I think we all just want homm3 on our phone.
    Do like the emphasis on strategy here though.

  8. This is great because I was looking for and tried to hack this game for a long time and this tutorial helped me!

  9. Really a useful tips.I’m glad to find the website, This will be of good help to people like me.

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