Bust A Move Journey Tips, Tricks, Walkthrough & Strategies – Ultimate Guide For Android & iOS

Game Description:

BUST-A-MOVE Features:
– Shoot bubbles and match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop!
– Complete your missions in every stage such as “Pop all the bubbles!”, “Reach the target score!” and “Save Chack’n!”!
– Clearing a stage unlocks the next stage. Move forward on your way!
– Skillfully use the helpful items and characters to advance the stages efficiently!
– “EASY MODE” to assist “Guide & Change Up” functions is now available!
– The game includes 270 + αpuzzle stages with a variety of gimmicks!
– You can purchase a MAP to play additional stages from the Stage 271.

How to play:
– Shoot bubbles and match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop.
– A stage is cleared by completing Goal Target.
– Bonus points are awarded when you remove a bunch of bubbles at once or remove bubbles with a bubble bouncing off a side wall of the game field.
– COMBO occurs when you successfully remove bubbles in a consecutive manner.
– Collect STARS and unlock TREASURE BOX by getting a target score in every stage.

Know Your Objective

  • It’s a typical quality in any Match-3 amusement yet you truly need to realize what you’re going for here. Get this party started Journey is somewhat strict on what number of air pockets/moves it gives you, which means you would prefer not to squander any.
  • Early level sorts have you just expecting to pop every one of the rises on screen. Another might expect you to spare the Chack’n – charming little creatures stuck inside air pockets. Others have time limits.
  • Modify your methodology as needs be.
  • Got a period point of confinement to stick to? Move quick and don’t stress such a great amount over gathering noteworthy combos. You just need to finish your goal as fast as could reasonably be expected.
  • In the event that you have all the time on the planet yet restricted moves, concentrate on utilizing each rise to the best of its capacity. This is the place watchful pointing is vital, as you can frequently clear a heavy zone through some great arranging.
  • Need to free those Chack’n? You’ll likely take a ton of rises out while you’re doing it, yet attempt your best to deal with catching them. Specifically, on the last couple of lines, it’s normally a decent arrangement to concentrate on them as opposed to only any old air pocket.
  • Keep in mind – any remaining air pockets go towards your score toward the end so it’s great to have saves!

Know Your Obstacles

  • Terrible focusing on isn’t the main issue while arranging Bust-A-Move Journey’s levels. You likewise need to comprehend what’s out to get you.
  • Boxes and silver molded holders can be cleared on the off chance that you essentially expel every one of the air pockets appended to them.
  • Strong solid pieces can’t be expelled, regardless of the possibility that you clear every one of the air pockets associated with them. Endeavor to abstain from section one when you’re propelling an air pocket.
  • Hit a bomb and it’s diversion over, however you can drop them by clearing encompassing air pockets.
  • The apiaries are one of the trickier things to get around. You can drop them by clearing bubbles that are holding them set up, however in the event that you hit them, you have inconvenience. It’ll release a couple of honey bees which make you toss rises around, disseminating them where you won’t not need them, and also squandering your turns.
  • Developing spiky vines are a comparable issue as they develop with each turn, and can even gobble up the darling Chack’n, causing an amusement over. Work hard at clearing them rapidly.

Help Along the Way

  • You’ll win coins for doing for the most part anything in Bust-A-Move Journey. This can be through finishing extra stages or by signing in consistently or basically through finishing straightforward coincidental targets.
  • Utilize those coins to purchase catalysts when you’re attempting to finish a level.
  • Catalysts change in significance. My undisputed top choice is the guide control up which gives you consummate knowledge into where your air pocket will go. Additionally helpful are the ones including 5 additional moves, and in addition the ones that invalidate bombs or spikes.
  • The first occasion when you play a level, don’t stress over utilizing any catalysts. Play it once and perceive how it runs with your ability alone, at that point on the off chance that you come up short, return with a catalyst or two stacked.
  • Make sure to sign in consistently to pick up extra coins or the intermittent free catalyst. Everything includes.

That is all in this instructional tutorial. Trust you all like it. In the event that you have any inquiries or questions, please ask in the remarks segment beneath. Much obliged to you.



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