99 Arrows Game Guide, Tips, Tricks & Walkthrough For iOS & Android Platform !!


Welcome to the world of Arrows. 99 Arrows is a casual aim-and-fire strategy game designed to test reflexes and skill while being fun and addicting. Tap to shoot arrows at the target but don’t touch the other arrows. Use the right timing and hit the bullseye on the circle as it spins. The more arrows you shoot, the harder it becomes. Comes packed with different game play modes for hours of fun! Can you beat the impossible spinning wheel? Do you have what it takes to be a bow master? Do you accept the challenge?


– Quick reflex fast tapping gameplay
– 8 unique gameplay modes with more added weekly
– Over 145 levels to conquer in each mode
– The best shooting circle archery game
– Custom soundtrack with funky beats
– Become the top bowman in the world!

Go for the coins: Hitting a coin is dependably a sheltered shot. The amusement doesn’t place coins in un-feasible spots, and this strategy is particularly valuable in the beginning times of modes like Twin Fire and Double Vision. Take a gander at where the coins show up and go for those, concentrating on the circle with the coin. On the off chance that you hit it straight on, the two bolts ought to securely land at their goal. This enables you to remember just a single bolt while pointing rather than timing the shots for two at the same time.

Later levels in these modes will have such a little region to securely arrive that going for the coin won’t generally work for shooting the two bolts, yet since stages’ formats are dependably the same, it will be rapidly turned out to be clear if the coin “trap” does or doesn’t take a shot at a specific stage. On single-bolt arranges, you can simply go for the coin securely.

To procure coins rapidly: another coin shows up once you lift one up, so there will dependably be a coin on-screen. Along these lines, the simplest approach to get a ton of coins is by going for them without fail. There’s a gameplay preferred standpoint to this (see above) yet it likewise implies you’ll get the most coins conceivable.

Great is the best mode to gather coins since it has the longest arrangement (a few modes, similar to Twin Fire, have littler arrangements of bolts) and is the most effortless to dependably hit coins in. In the event that you have a 15-bolt Classic level, hitting every one of the 15 coins would get you 75 coins add up to from a solitary stage. Regardless of the possibility that you fall flat a level, despite everything you’ll get any mint pieces you gathered up to that point.

Tap twice for a twofold shot: If you’re not going for coins and simply need to complete levels rapidly, rehearse the brisk twofold shot. When you tap to shoot a bolt, rapidly tap twice in succession to shoot two as near each different as could reasonably be expected. This is generally a protected procedure as long as you have enough space in the territory you’re going for two bolts to fit since it’s difficult to flame two bolts so rapidly that they would hit each other.

We think that its least demanding to flame two bolts with hardly a pause in between by utilizing our forefinger rather than our thumb. Be watchful you don’t utilize this procedure in Color Arrow or Insane modes (the last moves too rapidly to space two bolts in securely).

A note on Color Arrow: The amusement’s guidelines say “The bolt shading will change each time you shoot,” which we at first interpreted as meaning it exchanged forward and backward. In any case, the shading is frequently the same for different bolts in succession: focus on the following bolt “on deck” underneath the one you’re as of now shooting to realize what shading you have to hit next.

Concentrate on where your bolt will arrive: Don’t take after the turn of the circle or the officially set bolts with your eyes. In addition to the fact that it is harder to track the range you’re going for, yet it can be confounding to take a gander at. Watch out for the spot over your bolt where it will wind up once shot, and look just somewhat left or right of this range. On the off chance that you need to hone this, play the Darkness mode for a bit.

Shoot early: Because of the consistent pivot of the circle, you have to shoot somewhat in front of the spot you’re going for. The bolt takes a short minute to achieve the circle, so you have to foresee the speed of turn. Remember that in specific modes, similar to Double Vision and Twin Fire, the circles alter course at one point and go backward.

Flip your telephone: If you’re battling with a specific mode, have a go at pivoting your telephone and playing at an alternate edge. We discover playing with our gadget in scene introduction is less demanding for Side Shot particularly, yet any test can profit by another point of view.

Play distinctive modes: Even on the off chance that you have a most loved diversion sort in 99 Arrows, experiment with every mode. You may take in another methodology from one mode that will apply to your top pick, and switching it up can offer a decent break on the off chance that one arrangement of levels is starting to end up noticeably excessively difficult.

Spend uninhibitedly: With the coins you acquire, you can buy new bows and bolts by means of the shopping basket symbol on the fundamental menu. These things simply give corrective changes: none of the bows shoot speedier and none of the bolts are more slender. Be that as it may, it’s as yet worth purchasing a couple of new sorts—does it keep things crisp, as well as you may discover certain bolts are less demanding to separate than others, particularly on particular foundations or amusement modes.

That is all in this instructional tutorial. Believe you like it. In case you have any request or inquiries, please ask in the comments portion underneath. Thankful to you.

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